Claudia Lang

Teacher of Spanish as a Second language at I love Spanish Online

I am Claudia Lang and I am a Spanish teacher online. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I am an enthusiastic teacher with excellent communicative skills – as demonstrated through more than 40 years of teaching experience.
I enjoy sports, especially running. I also love reading novels and I am passionate about watching films and series, experiencing new cultures, travelling and teaching languages.
I got a degree as a Teacher of English as a Second language and as a simultaneous and consecutive Interpreter of both Spanish and English languages. Having read and travelled a lot ignited my passion to teach my native language and culture to others at any time and in any place. This has always been my dream. I also have a certificate (Beatriz Mora) as a teacher of Spanish as a second language. Trying to learn other languages helped me to understand the difficulties people undergo when it comes to learning and speaking a new language. My way of teaching is absolutely customized to the students' needs. Some would rather focus on learning the language by simulating real-life situations while others would rather study grammar and understand each idiomatic structure. I respect each student’s wishes and respond by providing them with the tools that best satisfy their requirements.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy your Spanish learning experience!

“My goal is to enable you to feel relaxed and confident when you communicate in Spanish during and outside the classes and to prepare you for all occasions."